M-Tech aims to inspire the next generation of innovators through technology bases assignments that introduce innovative ways of combining the physical and digital world while promoting leadership, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

Mark Brown
Managing Director - Mashable Technology Academy

Unleash the Imagination

M-Tech courses let students explore the fields of computer programming, microcontrollers, electronics, robotics and engineering in a fun, hands-on learning environment. Through exploratory projects and carefully guided classroom instruction, students enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills while  improve their knowledge of core subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Tech Boxes

Coming Soon

Every month we’ll send you a new tech box full of exciting components to create our carefully crafted curriculum of projects. Our website will also include extended projects that build on the concepts learnt in the projects; allowing you to take your inventions to the next level.

Tech Boxes

Coming Soon

Our technology of choice is the Arduino which is microcontroller for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world.

Class Lessons & Workshops

M-Tech is happy to work with educators to design and run engaging technology classes or workshops. M-Tech can also offer support or full facilitation of these sessions.

Please contact us for more information…

Minecraft Club

Coming Soon

Grab a pick-axe and join your fellow Minecrafters for a weekly class of game design, world creation, exploration, and modding madness! When it comes to discovery and education within Minecraft, the options are truly limitless.

Minecraft Club

Coming Soon

We stress designing, building, and creating as opposed to strictly ‘playing’ the game. We encourage growth and learning through the Minecraft platform, which engages children to learn because of their love for Minecraft.

Upcoming Events

Robotics Club

Meet Edison! Students will discover robotics as they work with Edison, the LEGO® compatible, programmable Bot! Students will use barcodes to program Edison to do everything from making music to “battling” in the Sumo ring!

Ages 10 -14 : Please bring your own laptop or tablet (iPad or Android)

For more information on Edison go to www.meetedison.com

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